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Unruffled is the podcast I wish I had had when my kids were toddlers. Janet Lansbury is a parenting expert and the author of two books on babies and toddlers, and her soothing, reassuring advice makes you feel as if you really can be a calm, confident parent even in the face of toddler meltdowns and defiance.

Lansbury’s approach focuses on respect for the child and acceptance of her emotions and development, but allows for firm parental limits as needed (for example, when a toddler is a hitter, Lansbury explains how to respectfully set a limit on this behavior). Unruffled offers extremely practical and specific advice for common parenting situations.”

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Janet Sessions

Sessions is the exclusive audio collection of Janet’s private phone consultations with parents seeking insight and support around a personal infant, toddler or preschooler dilemma. In each episode of Sessions, Janet explores in depth a myriad of common parenting topics which will resonate with parents and early childhood professionals.

The conversations are personal, candid, sometimes emotional, always authentic.

Episodes are available for immediate download, individually or combined as Volume 1.

Volume 1: $19.95 (6 recordings)

Episodes: $4.95 (each)

  • My Spirited, Demanding Two-Year-Old (42:49)
  • We Have a Controlling, Aggressive Daughter (33:25)
  • Four-Year-Old Acting Out at School (27:57)
  • Angry, Defiant Child Lacks Social Confidence (37:56)
  • My Boy Is Afraid of Other Children (23:00)
  • Why Is My Child So Unhappy? (32:05)


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Audio Books

Elevating Child Care: A Respectful Guide to Parenting

Elevating Child Care
A Respectful Guide to Parenting

“This book… is an absolute go to for all parents, therapists, anyone who works with, is, or knows parents of young children. Not only is (Janet) amazing in person, this book distills her wisdom into words. I can’t wait to share it with all the parents I know!”   

  • Dr. Wendy Denham, PhD

“Not your average babycare advice book, Lansbury’s short essays offer practical, reassuring guidance on everything from infant sleep and diaper changes through all things toddlerhood. At its heart… this book encourages moms to trust themselves and their babies, a simple and yet revolutionary concept… I love this book.” 

  • Taylor Hengen Newman, Mom.me

“Janet’s writing is an exceptional combination of knowledge, first-hand experience and lots of heart. Her caring and dedication to helping parents and educators is outstanding. Through her extremely compassionate and easily understood delivery of valuable information and insights, ultimately our precious children are going to benefit greatly.”

  • Deborah McNelis, Brain Insights

Available on Audible.com

No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame

No Bad Kids
Toddler Discipline Without Shame

“This book empowers parents to calmly address behaviors while honoring kids’ feelings and experiences, thus giving them discipline experiences that help their developing brains thrive.”

  • Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, co-author of The Whole-Brain Child and No-Drama Discipline

“Powerful, inspirational, and supportive. Janet Lansbury has expanded and built upon what Magda Gerber originally taught and modeled, while remaining true to the original philosophy. This is an indispensable guide.”

  • Lisa Sunbury, RegardingBaby.org

“Whenever I have moments of doubt or confusion — surrounding tantrums, moving, new schools, etc.– I often turn to Janet Lansbury’s website. I’ve mentioned it a few times because her thoughtful advice always rings true. She clearly respects children and reminds you that they’re whole people in need of gentle love and compassion — even when they’re driving you bats:) Her books about parenting and discipline reflect this wonderful approach.”

  • Joanna Goddard, A CUP OF JO

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